Supporting tubes (6) with aerators (5) are connected with each other into a grate with a common air supply. The anchored grates are fastened to the bottom of the tank by means of adjustable supports (7).

Air distribution system , at the air inlet side, is provided with a T-joint with flanged connections. Air is supplied to each grate through the choke valve (3) connecting part (2) and connecting pipe (4). The connecting part is usually submerged 1 m under water level in the tank and connects the upper part of air supply to the grate, made of corrosion-proof stainless steel, while the connecting pipe (4) is made of PVC.
The choke valve enables to close air supply to individual grate, when the system is out of operation, while the rest of the aerating system continues in operation.

Each grate is equipped with a mechanism to drain condensed water from the air. From the drainage cap (1), a pipe is led around the tank wall to the bottom of the supporting tube of the grate.
After drainage cap is opened and with the system operating fully , internal air overpressure discharges the condensed water from the grate above the water level.

Anchored grates are intended for tanks where a common air supply to the supporting tubes with aerators and for covered tanks is advantageous.

Depending on the shape and size of the tank and the grates, installing is designed on one or on both sides. Fitting is executed into empty tanks. The grates are levelled by means of adjustable supports . In this way any possible surface irregularity of the tank bottom is eliminated.

The aerating system can be built from many independent grates with aerators. This enables the regulation of air transfer into individual parts of activation.