Supporting tubes (6) with aerators (5) are anchored to the bottom of the tank by means of adjustable supports (7)
Air distribution pipeline, against the axis of supporting tubes is aligned, by couplings with external thread and horizontal axis.
Air is transferred to each supporting tube by means of spherical valve (3), disconnecting screw joint (2) and coupling hose (4). Spherical valve is used to shut off air transfer to individual supporting tubes when the system is not operating while the remaining part the aeration system is in full function.

Each supporting tube is equipped with a mechanism to drain condensed water from the air.
A tube is connected to the bottom of the supporting tube from the drainage cap (1) through the connecting tubing (4). After the drainage cap is opened and with the system operating fully , internal air overpressure discharges the condensed water from the supporting tube above the water level.


The anchored type aeration system is intended especially for covered and other types of tanks , where it is not possible to use withdrawable ASEKO system.

Mounting is executed into empty tanks. The supporting tubes are levelled by means of adjustable supports. In this way, the surface irregularity of the tanks is balanced . The flatness of the bottom is then secured and any possible surface irregularity eliminated.