ASEKO s.r.o. (Ltd.) company

The ASEKO aerator system was developed in the ASEKO s.r.o. (Ltd.) company. The trade mark and technical design of the system are patented and protected by law.
The ASEKO system is intended for aerating of aeration tanks of waste water treatment plants. The system can be used in places where aeration, saturation by air or liquid mixing is required.
The system consists of supporting tubes, on which A-109 fine-bubble aerators are fixed in way they can be dismantled if required. Air transfer to supporting tubes is equally distributed to individual aerators. The fine perforated diaphragms of aerators are made of special rubber. When the system is in operation, the diaphragm provides fine bubbles of air, and when air transfer is stopped, it reliably prevents water penetration under the diaphragm. The system can be operated continually or with intervals.
A-109 Aerators are noted for their high efficiency of air transfer into activating mixture, high clogging resistance and low pressure loss. They provide the user with low operating cost and trouble-free performance.
In case where the mixing volume requirement exceeds air transfer efficiency, it is possible to use the A - 109 S aerators with medium bubble perforation.
The system is made of high- quality materials (PVC, PP PE, special rubber, stainless steel).